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"Five Stars"

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100 Great Bands to See at SXSW 2013

Paste Magazine
"A beautiful and well-crafted collection of songs"

Dog Ears Music: Volume 198

The Huffington Post
Dallas-based art-folk quintette Air Review is the...

Bled to White
Said the Gramophone
The statue talked. It looked at me and said: "I've...

Air Review – “Low Wishes”
Pretty Much Amazing

Type in “Air Review” on Google and you’ll get a li...

KXT's Best of 2011 Listeners’ Poll Results
KXT 91.7
1. Foster the People - Pumped Up Kicks
2. Adele -...

[I'm Shouting For] Air Review
We All Want Someone to Shout For

Air Review hail from Dallas and are releasing an E...

[Folktronica] Air Review – Low Wishes
The Music Ninja

If you love indie with just the right amount of po...

[Folktronica] Air Review – America’s Son
The Music Ninja

If there’s one thing you need to know about Dallas...

Best New Releases
Indie Rock Cafe

Earlier this year, we featured an advance single f...

Fresh Tracks from Gauntlet Hair, Lightouts, Air Review...
Indie Rock Cafe

Air Review, deliver one of the best indie folk pop...

Top 10 Songs of the Week
Indie Rock Cafe

Following closely behind Rubblebucket is a new, te...

Big Little Folk Tune: Air Review - America's Son
The Ruckus

We introduced you to Texas based, Air Review here ...

Start your Saturday with this: Air Review - Waiting Lessons
The Ruckus

It's a bit of an occupational hazard to discover a...

Air Review :: "Waiting Lessons"

Somewhere between the harmonies of O Brother Where...

Air Review
Indie Music Filter

Air Review are a band that just took over my radar...

Air Review - America's Son
Quit Mumbling

For whatever reason, I get into these swings where...

Air Review - America's Son
Those Who Dig

Here's a track I've been digging lately that I'd l...

Pajammy Jam of the Day | Air Review - America's Son
Speakers in Code

Dallas quartet Air Review are on the brink of some...

Hometowns | Air Review [Dallas, TX]
Speakers in Code

Back in April, we first espoused the musical virtu...